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    Enron Scam: Bounded Ethics

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    Research the subject of the Enron and Arthur Andersen relationship. Discuss your findings in terms of the application of ethics in various decisions made by the Enron and Arthur Andersen teams. How did bounded ethicality play a role in these decisions? I need help answering this. I need enough information for a 300-400 word paper and please include citations/references because I can or may be able to use them in my paper. Thanks!!!!

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    Bounded ethicality means that there are predicable ways in which persons act unethically beyond their awareness. The persons actually do not feel that they are acting unethically (a). The point is that minds fail to see what is directly in front of us. People's ability to behave ethically is seriously limited because they do not see the big picture. Technically bounded ethically means boundedness in the person's own ethicality and boundedness in noticing the ethicality of others (b).

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    We consider the decisions made by Enron and Arthur Andersen. Andrew Fastow and others on the ...

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    This solution explains the role of bounded ethicality in the Enron scam. The sources used are also included in the solution.