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    Bonds with warrants

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    During 2007, ABC company issued at 104 three hundred, $1,000 bonds due in ten years. One detachable stock warrant entitling the holder to purchase 15 shares of ABC's common stock was attaced to each bond. At the date of issuance, the market value of the bonds, without the stock warrants, was quoted at 96. The market value of each detachable warrant was quoted at $40. What amount, if any, of the proceeds from the issuance should be accounted for as part of ABC's stockholders' equity?

    a. $0
    b. $12,000
    c. $12,480
    d. $11,856

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    Stockholders equity would be the amount ascribed to the warrants since that will be credited to paid in capital from warrants.
    Total value of bonds ...

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    This solution explains how to record the transactions when bonds are issued with detachable warrants.