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    Competitive Success

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    What are the key planning factors for competitive success? Provide an example of an organization that has achieved competitive success through planning. Provide an example of an organization that has failed to achieve competitive success as the result of failed planning.

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    According to Gospe, there are seven critical planning factors for competitive success:
    1. Being realistic with goals by matching its timelines and milestones with its present investment and spending plans so that it won't be hard for the company to achieve these objectives.
    2. Understand and frame your company's unique value proposition to an identified target market and what you can do for them which other companies cannot.
    3. Research and learn about your competitors. Identify points of differentiation by comparing your company with their landscape and from there, develop a sales and marketing program based on this.
    4. From the unique value proposition, invest time and resources early in communicating your proposition ...

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    Key factors for competitive success and examples of organizations achieving and not achieving competitive success. References are included.