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Cash Management, Banking Operations and Cash Equivalents

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1. How is cash managed at your organization?

2. What are the banking operations used at your organization? How often are the banking operations reconciled? How often should the banking operations be reconciled?

3. What types of cash equivalents does your organization have? How are the cash equivalents at your organization controlled?

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How is cash managed at your organization?

Cash within my organization is managed by the accountant. Every aspect that relates to the handling of cash all passes through the jurisdiction of the accountant, who is charged with not only receiving and receipting cash got, but making payments and recording all cash equivalents and transactions within the company's books of accounts. The cashier keeps physical records as well as soft copies of records of all transactions since they are all captured within the organization's computing systems.

What are the banking ...

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Management of cash in an organization, banking operations that are used, and the types of cash equivalents used are discussed in this solution.