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Finance questions: assets sold for less than book value, business risk, optimal capital structure and determining cash flows

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An asset that is sold for less than book value at the end of a project's life will generate a loss for the firm and will cause an actual cash outflow attributable to the project.

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Business risk" is differentiated from "financial risk" by the fact that financial risk reflects only the use of debt, while business risk reflects both the use of debt and such factors as sales variability, cost variability, and operating leverage.

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The optimal capital structure is the one that simultaneously (1) maximizes the price of the firm's stock, (2) minimizes its WACC, and (3) maximizes its EPS.

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In a capital budgeting analysis where part of the funds used to finance the project are raised as debt, failure to include interest expense as a cost in the cash flow statement when determining the project's cash flows will lead to an upward bias in the NPV. This statement would be true if "upward" were replaced with "downward."

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1) False. In the cash flow estimation, an asset sold for less than its book value would decrease the overall taxes. The company's taxes will be ...

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