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    Project Evaluation for Machine Purchase & Project Performance

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    1. Sanjay's Incorporated is analyzing two machines to determine which one it should purchase. The company requires a 14% rate of return and uses straight-line depreciation to a zero book value. Machine A has a cost of $290,000, annual operating costs of $8,000, and a 3-year life. Machine B costs $180,000, has annual operating costs of $12,000, and has a 2-year life. Whichever machine is purchased will be replaced at the end of its useful life. Which machine should Sanjay's purchase and why?

    2. Your firm is considering a project with a five-year life and an initial cost of $120,000. The discount rate for the project is 12 percent. The firm expects to sell 2,100 units a year. The cash flow per unit is $20. The firm will have the option to abandon this project after three years at which time it expects it could sell the project for $50,000. You are interested in knowing how the project will perform if the sales forecast for years four and five of the project are revised such that there is a 50% chance that the sales will be either 1,400 or 2,500 units a year. What is the net present value of this project given your sales forecasts?

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