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    Present Value problems

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    Please show work and the calculation on the FVAIF:

    40 yr old establishes a retirement account that is expected to earn 7% annually. Contributions will be $2,000 annually at the beginning of each yr. Initially, the saver expects to start drawing on the account at age 60.
    a) How much will be in the account when the saver is age 60?
    B) If this investor found a riskier investment that offered 10%, how much in additional funds would be earned?
    C) The investor selects the 10% investment and retires at the age of 60. How much can be drawn from the account at the beginning of each yr if life expectancy is 85 and the funds continue to earn 10%.

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    In the absence of future value tables, I am using Excel with the formula shown. Let me know if you need any help understanding the formulas:
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