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    Capital Budgeting Decision: Terminal Cash Flow

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    A corporation is evaluating the relevant cash flow for a capital budgeting decision and must estimate cash flow. The proposed machine will be disposed of at the end of its usable life of five years at an estimated sale price of $15,000. The machine has an original purchase price of $80,000, installation cost of $20,000, and will be depreciated under the five-year MACRS. Net working capital is expected to decline by $5,000. The firm has a 40 percent tax rate on ordinary income and long-term capital gain. The terminal cash flow is _________

    $24,000, 16,000, 14,000, or $26,000

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    Book value of machine at time 0 =80000+20000= $100,000

    Book value at the end ...

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    The solution calculates the terminal cash flow in a capital budgeting decision.