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Balance Sheet/ Capital Budgeting

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Select all items that will be included on the Balance Sheet
Accounts receivable
Cost of goods sold
Net working capital
Interest expense
Current assets
Notes payable
Cash on hand
Consulting revenues

Which one of the following activities best exemplify capital budgeting, you will be choosing more than one option:
Identify three good investment opportunities for the firm.
Obtain a short-term loan to purchase materials.
Evaluate the level of risk of a project.
Sale long-term bonds to raise funds.
Determine the return of a potential project.

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Two part question. Part one Identifies the components of a balance sheet. Part Two discusses the steps of capital budgeting.

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Balance sheet is a snapshot of a companies assets, liabilities and shareholders equity at a a point in time.

includes from your list-
accounts receivables, Net working capital, current assets, notes payable, cash on hand

Capital budgeting ...

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