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Determine the minimum price that you should ask for the sale of 51 percent of the shares of Omni Services...

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The fundamental problem at hand for you is to determine the minimum price that you should ask for the sale of 51 percent of the shares of Omni Services. Given the intense time pressure you are under, you have hired a group of unbranded local MBAs to crank up some figures. As part of a project for a corporate finance course, they came back to you with a simplified spreadsheet model to put a value on the company's shares.

** The spreadsheet is attached. **

The following information was also presented in the note accompanying the document and apparently served as the basis for their analysis:

Corporate Bond Yields: Aaa 12.96%
Baa 14.45%

Treasury Yields: 30-year bonds 12.75%
S&P 500: Dividend yield 5.26%
P/E ratio 12.66X

Market Risk Premium ( S&P500 over LT T-Bond) 7%
Target Capital Structure: Debt/Equity 1
Omni cost of debt estimate 12%
Omni's Levered Beta estimate 1

Should you rely on this analysis? Critically review and comment on the valuation report. What would you do differently? Please revise the valuation model and provide a detail review of the valuation attached.

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