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    Managerial Decision Making

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    Report on a decision that you were a part of or had witnessed in your organization where personal motivation and/or emotions on the part of decision maker(s) may have cause a sub-optimal decision to be made. 200-300 words APA format

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    // As per the requirements, the paper will discuss about the example of a decision that was taken on the basis of Emotions. It will also discuss how the decision was sub-optimal for the Organization. This will help you in gaining knowledge about how a decision based on emotions in an Organization will lead to an increase in cost. //

    Decision influenced by Emotion

    Many a times, it happens that the decisions of a person are greatly affected by his emotions and personal thoughts. At times, it is good to take decisions based on emotions; but such decisions always do not ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 411 words.