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    Similarities and differences in ethics

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    What are the similarities and differences in professional ethics and personal ethics? Provide an example for each.

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    Differences and similarities between professional and ethical behavior.

    The differences between ethical and professional behavior lie in the differences in scope of each form of behavior. Usually, professional behavior is based on actions which benefit the company and its employees, whereas ethical behavior is based on action which weighs the positive effects on one party against the negative aspects on another party.

    This difference between ethical and professional behavior is often transparent; there are some actions which may be both ethical and professional, or neither. The transparency between what is good for the company/worker and what is good for all parties concerned varies depending on the field of work; for example, ecological restoration companies' professional actions are expected to be beneficial to the wide majority, whereas a tobacco company's professional actions may not be.

    Both ethical and professional forms of behavior deal with the promoting of positive conditions, but it is the scope to which the effects are realized, and are beneficial, where differences between these types of behavior are noticeable.
    2. Examples of appropriate and inappropriate behavior; ethical and professional.

    Ethical and professional: Studying with other classmates.
    Unethical but professional: Finding an otherwise unavailable copy of an upcoming test and focusing your studying and in-class attention around only what you will ...

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