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    Potential ramifications of not utilizing a linear responsibility matrix

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    The formulation and use of project planning documents, including the project charter, work breakdown structure, and linear responsibility matrix, can have long lasting implications through the life of a project. And yet, many projects are run without these project planning documents. Discuss the drawbacks of implementing a project without these documents. What are the potential ramifications of not utilizing a linear responsibility matrix or a WBS?

    We have a Project Charter, a WBS, and a Linear Responsibility Matrix for our project. Do we really need all three documents? Is this over-kill, is this the only way to ensure a successful project, or should it be project-dependent?

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    There are probably many projects done without these documents, however, they may be inefficient and it would be difficult to track problems and issues. Each of these performs a specific function gives information that is necessary to job completion and success. To eliminate any of them is to eliminate a way to know what is happening or where to get the information about the project quickly.

    Responsibilities and work breakdowns are essential to tracking the progress of the job. Without either of these, different stages of the project and who ...

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    The potential ramifications of not utilizing a linear responsibility matrix is examined.