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    Case Analysis: Ethics in Compensation Decisions

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    The attached are 2 different cases:

    1. Mr. Baldy Car Wash
    2. Ethics in Compensation Decisions

    Please no citations; just answer and provide reference if you used material other than the attachment.

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    Mr. Baldy Car Wash:

    The company has seven locations in areas that are busy during the favorable weather conditions. The Number of washes per day is roughly four times higher than the summer period by virtue that the winter season is the most appealing weather to the company and its operations. This gives the company unstable working days which does not keep the employees motivated. To keep the rates of the company functions at a high of 10 percent over the rest of the companies in the industry, the employees have to be motivated. This will be undertaken through the establishing of constant working hours so that the employees can be able to adjust their life schedule to the task at hand.

    Since the weather is the determinate of the company operations, the organization should ascertain the weather of the day before hand and ensure that the employees are informed when they are to be in the work place to undertake the tasks assigned to them. The variability of the car washes is dependent on the pavement functions due to the fact that the increase in demand is cause by drier pavements. To keep the employees motivated even on the non-wash days, they should be given extra job allocations in the company premises. This will reduce the turnover rates in the organization.

    The company requires a team of 20 to 22 employees in the organizational site to undertake the washing of 180 cars. The employees should be allocated a constant working period where they will be required to be in the organization under seeing the car wash operations. This will reduce the high turnover prospective rates that the company will experience if the employees are not given the proper time allocation.

    The Assessment of the Compensation Package:

    It is the right of the employees in an organizational setting to receive compensation that is equivalent to the services that they provide in the corporation. The compensation package of an ...

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