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    Business ethics

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    Case study

    As a counselor in an outplacement firm, you've been working with Irwin for six months to find him a new position. During that time, he has completed extensive assessment work to determine if he's in an appropriate profession or if he might benefit from a career change.The results of the assessment indicate that Irwin has low self-esteem, probably could benefit from psychotherapy, and is most likely ill-suited for his current profession. Irwin has been actively interviewing for a position that's very similar to two others he has held and lost. He desperately wants and needs this job. The company where he's interviewing happens to be one of your most important clients. You receive a call from the head of human resources at the company, who tells you that Irwin suggested she call you for information about his abilities, interests, and personality style as measured by the assessment process. She also asks you for a references for Irwin. Since he has, in effect asked that you share information with this woman, is it okay for you to give her an honest assessment of Irwin? What are your obligations to Irwin, who is your client in this case?Is there a way for you to be honest, yet not hurt Irwin's chances to obtain this job?Or is that important?What will you do?

    Looking at above case Management confidentiality with employees.

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    This situation presents a problem between revealing the truth to your client (the company) and not breaking the confidentiality that could result harmfully on your other client (Irwin).

    First, you cannot lie to the company because they are your client that contracts with you to find employees. However, just because you cannot lie to the company does not mean you have to reveal the results of a personal assessment ...