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Business ethics

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What are examples of a hierarchy of personal moral development?

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What are examples of a hierarchy of personal moral development?

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Subject: Business Ethics- Personal Views / Using the Quick Test

Prepare a personal statement of your current thinking and understanding of business ethics.


A summary of the quick test results as you perceive them (see attachment). You do not need to reveal your test score. Summarize the quick test results as valid or not valid, based on your view.

An explanation of why ethics is important. What do you believe to be considered unethical?

A description of your ethical beliefs as they operate in either your current or previous work environment, or an environment in which you would like to work.

A statement of whether or not any of the five myths (see attachment) provide an accurate description of you or your beliefs. Include a rationale for your answer and whether you think the author's assessment of the five myths is valid. For example, are you a victim of these myths or do you understand them as myths?

A conclusion about your view of studying business ethics and its potential value for all business professionals. Currently, as it relates to ethics, explain what your challenges are and how solid your belief is related to what is considered ethical or not ethical, based on what your knowledge and experience.

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