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Applying Classic Systems Analysis

Let's apply classic systems analysis to the question: Who is responsible for quality?

Systems analysis consists of the following functions:
input (materials, resources),
thruput (processes, transformations),
output (goods, services) and
control group to coordinate the system.

Briefly describe how you would hold persons in each of these functions responsible for quality? A generic answer is welcome.

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The responsibility of quality falls on everyone in the business that is involved in producing said product. If the company has a quality control department, then these individuals would handle checking parts and products to make sure they meet the required standards or what is required for the end user. Inputting materials and resources would involve the idea of the end product since buying materials that are higher in quality would most likely be the focus and not just the cheapest materials out there. Involving those individuals in the thruput and output areas would help to keep everyone ...

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The following problem applies classic systems analysis to a question about quality.