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    Professional Auditing Case Studies

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    Need help from 'Auditing professional'

    ***Case study 1:****(see attachment for the case)


    Outline five ethical issues relevant in assessing the relationship with the company and in deciding whether to continue offering the current range of services to this client. Cite relevant references where appropriate.

    (No introduction, no conclusion, straight to the main point, 1 page, may use 'Accounting and Auditing handbook 2005-2006 volume 2 of CPA or CA version as reference)

    ***Case study 2:***(see attachment for the case)


    For each of the independent situations (1) to (4):
    (a) List any professional standards and regulatory requirements breached.
    (b) Advise as to possible alternative course of action the auditor should have taken in order to properly discharge their professional responsibilities.

    (need to Use 'Accounting and Auditing handbook 2005-2006 volume 2 of CPA or CA version as reference and with section numbers, no introduction, no conclusion, straight to the main point, 1and half pages)

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    STEP 1

    Your firm cannot offer taxation and financial advise and still be the auditor of the company. This is not ethical. This portion has been taken from the website: http://www.gtlaw.com/ according to the Sarbanes Oxley Act "The Act has identified nine categories of "impermissible" non-audit services (e.g., financial information systems design and implementation, bookkeeping, legal and expert services, internal audit outsourcing services, appraisal/valuation services, fairness opinions, actuarial services, HR and management services). All permissible non-audit services must be pre approved by the audit committee and disclosed in the issuer's periodic reports." http://www.gtlaw.com/

    Your firm has assisted in the acquisition of a business; it is unethical for you to also value its brand name. It is unethical. Remember the conduct of your firm should be beyond reproach at all times and agreeing to value its brand name questions the integrity of your company.

    Your firm has cannot give a certificate that can be used in the financial accounts, the certificate of valuation should come from an impartial independent firm. It is important that personal or external interests not impair the person carrying out valuation.

    Your firm cannot be a consultant and an auditor at the same time to the same company. That is unethical. This violates the principle of honesty and candidness apart from violating the requirements of Sarbanes Oxley Act. Please see above.

    Your company being an auditor of the company cannot give fund raising assistance or consultancy. :The ...

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