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    Sampling Probabilities

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    1. Suppose you have 2 nickels, 3 dimes, and 8 quarters in your pocket. If you draw a coin randomly from your pocket, what is the probability that

    a. You will draw a dime?

    b. You will draw a nickel?

    c. You will draw a quarter?

    2. You are rolling a pair of dice, one red and one green. What is the probability of the following outcomes:

    a. The sum of the two numbers you roll from the dice is 9.

    b. The sum of the two numbers you roll is 6.

    c. The sum of the two numbers you roll is 11.

    3. For this question pretend you are drawing cards without replacement from the infamous "Iraq's Most Wanted" deck issued by the U.S. Military before Saddam Hussein and his gang were killed or captured. If you are drawing from the full deck of 52 cards (no jokers), what are the following probabilities:

    a. You draw a card that is not Saddam Hussein

    b. You draw two cards, which end up being Saddam Hussein and another one with his cousin "Chemical Ali".

    c. You draw 14 cards and not one of them is Saddam Hussein [Note: this is a tough one. Please show your work.

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