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Value tree examination of college choice

I need help examining the process that was used when you made the decision to attend your college. Evaluate the measures, objectives, and categories that led to a satisfactory decision. Support your answer with examples of objectives and measures used to support your decision.


An overview description of the elements of a value tree
Your value tree diagram
A description of each element item shown on your value tree

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Value tree paper
Decision analysis assists in the process of structural thinking about decisions and the development of supportive subjective judgments that form a basis for good decisions. There are four main phases involved in the process of decision analysis that is the problem structuring, preference elicitation, recommendation decision and sensitivity analysis.

Under the problem structuring phase several issues need to be identified and defined. The first task to be carried out involves context decision definition. For example, this is the stage of identifying a college. After defining the problem, the objectives or objective is defined. For example, to come up with the decision of attending my college, the main objective was to find a college which offers the course that will assist me in gaining access to my career. In addition, the college had to offer that course at an affordable price and be near my ...

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Value tree examination of college choice is provided. A description of each element item which has shown on your value tree are determined.