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SQL Server 2005 versus 2008

Can you help me locate information about the differences between SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008?
What do you think are the three most significant changes/improvements and why?
How would the changes benefit you in using this updated version? Do you think it would be required to upgrade to the newer version and why?
What do you think would be the difficulties associated with upgrading to the new version?

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Response using the questions: I also added information about the SQL server 2005 to help with understanding the upgrades.

SQL 2005 introduced some new improvements over former SQL programs to help better manage data and data inquiries. Among these were native support for managing the XML data and all relational data used for information storing and use. The data could be used both literally and in queries. XML could be associated with XSD and it extended to the XML DML query extension. SQL server 2005 could be used over web services using TDS and returned as XML. CLR integration was a new feature of 2005 and relational data under T-SQL could better handle error catching. Multiple active results sets were available with 2005, so databases could be used for multiple purposes over connections. Dynamic ...

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A comparison of SQL Server 2005 and 2008, improvements, disadvantages, and reasons for changes.