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    Risky Decision Paper

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    I need help with the following assignment:

    Examine current events and choose a risky decision that must be made. This decision should relate to a legal, political, or economic event in the business environment.

    The paper should include the following details:

    ? An overview description of the decision to be made
    ? The primary decision
    ? The primary objective
    ? The uncertain event

    This paper should be 2 1/2 to 3 pages.

    I was looking at the new CEO of Yahoo and how this would be a form of risky decision on either Yahoo or Google's parts, but I am bafled on how to word it. Could it be a risky decision because Google will now know what to expect from Yahoo?

    Here is a website with an interesting thought:


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    The decision to hire Marissa Mayer was made and implemented within days of losing the former CEO. The choice of a leader had to be someone innovative and marketable to Yahoo users as someone who could make the improvements they sought. Additionally, the new CEO had to inspire confidence to keep the markets and investors from selling off shares and creating a weaker financial picture. Mayer supposedly understands users and user experience, which makes users more important for advertisers and the business.

    The decision was based on her knowledge gained at Google. She has experience in the industry and worked for competitor, Google, for thirteen ...

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    The current events and risky decisions are examined.