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    Radio-frequency identification technologies (RFID)

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    Radio-frequency identification technologies use active or passive tags in the form of chips or smart labels that can store unique identifiers and relay this information to readers. RFID tags represent the next big step forward from bar codes and retailers are using RFID to control theft, increase efficiency, and improve demand planning. Businesses are using RFID for everything, including preventing toilets from overflowing, refilling customer's drinks, identifying human remains, and combating counterfeit drugs. Develop two new products using RFID that can help you reduce expenses, increase profits, and create a competitive advantage for your business.

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    For this exercise, I will create two new RFID-based products to help reduce expenses, increase profits, and create a competitive edge for our imaginary company, Advanced Amusement.

    Advanced Amusement is an arcade and family entertainment center that houses video arcade and redemption games, a laser tag room, go carts, a restaurant, and birthday party facilities. The company employs 12 staff members per shift, and has operated profitably for over a decade. Six months ago, a movie theater with an in-house restaurant and arcade games was built down the street. It has put a significant dent in Advance's business as locals flock to the new facility for something new. Advanced reacted by adding mini-golf and a bumper boat pool, but lower margins and higher staff requirements on these attractions have forced Advanced to do something to reduce costs.

    The owner, Bill Began, noticed that patrons often have to wait excessively to be let into rides as employees are having to overlook multiple attractions. For example, customers come in waves and any given attraction might be vacant for 10 minutes while patrons utilize ...

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