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Procedural justice that reduce the need for progressive discipline

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Design a system of procedural justice that will reduce the need for progressive discipline in an organization. For those situations that require the stages of progressive discipline, design a discipline process including the specific steps that reflects the values of the organization.

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The systems of procedural justice that reduces the need for progressive disciplines.

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Values are internalized principles of evaluation concerning that which is basically right or wrong. Work values correspond to these standards as applied to the work atmosphere. While work values such as the Protestant Work Ethic have received a great deal of study attention, recent research has proposed that four work values are the most important and prominent to individuals: achievement, honesty, concern for others, and fairness. These work values have been revealed to sway a number of work related cognitions, attitudes, and behaviors, including job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and job choice decisions. However, these symbolize only a few of the latent applications of work values.

In order to canalized and establish a fair policy which enforce the system procedural justice, a system must be developed. Below is a system which depicts procedure to ensure progressive discipline is enforced in an organization.

Progressive Discipline

A system of progressive discipline unequivocally describes the range of disciplinary action, from the least to the most serious, with the understanding that a disciplinary action should be appropriate to the officer's misconduct.

A discipline matrix carries the basic idea of progressive discipline to another level by specifying the exact level of discipline that is suitable for each form of misconduct, and also by incorporating an employee past disciplinary history into the calculation.

Basic Evaluation of Situation

(1) A discipline matrix is a potentially useful tool for enhancing accountability within the organization
(2) A properly designed matrix has the potential for ensuring greater consistency in discipline, a result that is in the interest of both management and employees.
(3) The successful implementation of a discipline matrix is by no means guaranteed. Many of the precise details of an ideal ...

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