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Positivism versus contsuctitivism

Hospital managers are concerned that some patients with medical emergencies wait too long in the casualty department before they are diagnosed and treated. During a meeting, two groups of proposals have appeared:

Several managers recommend observing and recording emergency patient numbers, waiting and treatment times, staffing levels, bed numbers and the availability of other sources.

Others want to talk to doctors, nurses and ambulance crews, to find how they feel about working here and ask for their opinion where the problems lie.

Which group would you join and why?

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I would join the group doing the observations and recording of actual facts involving the emergency department. If done correctly and efficiently, this report will reveal the scope of need, the number of actual versus expected patients, the type and cause of visits and treatments, and how the department operates. The number of variables identified here show a more complete examination of conditions. This is a positive step, asking questions of all ...

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Positivism versus contsuctitivism is analyzed. Long wait times in hospitals are analyzed.