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Operations Management Transformations

In Transformation of Today's Management, Deming states that one of the seven deadly diseases is using only visible figures as an input to management.

1. How do you think this concept could effect your selection of data and measurement strategies?

2. When historical data are not available and the product or service is new, how would you go about arriving at a reasonable forecast?

3. Explain this as it relates to your personal experience.


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1. Deming's concept and selection of data and measurement strategies
Deming proposed that quota should be eliminated while leadership should take its place. He also mentioned that performance evaluation, merit ratings, and annual reviews (in which numbers are used as bases) are among the deadly diseases. According to him, merit ratings reward people who do well in the system (or those who produce good numbers or statistics on productions or outputs) but they do not reward attempts to improve the system.
He also proposed that an indicator is happy customers (or maybe happy employees).
These indicate that qualitative information is a better basis of management decisions than quantitative data. This also manifests that quantitative research would provide ...

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Operations management transformations are examined.