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Obstacles and overcoming them

Select two obstacles you anticipate will be your greatest challenges to staying committed to your goal of getting a college degree. The following are examples.

*Missing an assignment due date
*Receiving a low grade on an assignment, quiz, or test
*Receiving a lower grade in a class than you wanted
*Experiencing an unexpected event (such as a sick child, overtime at work, computer breaks) that forfeits the study time you planned
*Discovering school takes more time than you thought or planned for
*Losing interest or motivation
*Feeling tired or exhausted

Describe the details of the obstacles as it applies to you. How will you overcome these challenges?

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The first obstacle that was actually a challenge for me was the work related obstacle and children issues. My husband works split shifts and I had a young toddler at home when pursuing my Masters Degree. I knew that work and home would play a small part, but when life interrupts, outside of school, you have to deal with that first. Unfortunately, that did take away time from my school work to complete assignments and study for ...

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