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    Materials Requirement Analysis and Planning

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    Discuss ways the company you researched could benefit (or more likely already is benefiting) from robust materials requirement planning. Provide specific examples to support your response.

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    Ways Apple Inc. is benefiting from Robust MRP.

    Material Requirements Planning (MRP) refers to a system that is made up of inputs such as master production scheduling, inventory status information, product tree, and outputs like planning reports of order preference, performance control reports, and lead time. Use of MRP assists companies in making sure that they are producing the correct amount of material at the right time and are completely obtainable (Chary, 2009). Use of MRP is increasing in business at immense speed due to its significant advantages. With an increasing use of it now it is come to recognized as robust material requirement planning (Roy, 2007).

    Apple an American international corporation that plans and sells consumer electronics, personal computers, and computer software, is a company that ...

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    Materials requirement analysis and planning are determined.