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    Is IT Relevant; or is Nick Carr wrong?

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    What are your thoughts about "It Doesn't Matter" by Nick Carr and the follow-up "Does IT Matter" (see attached). Do not summarize the articles -- give your personal thoughts on the matter.

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    It's amazing how my work on Brainmass matches so closely with the work I'm doing in my own education endeavors. But this is where the debate is: what is more important, tools or how you use them. The majority of letter writers who wrote in response to the Carr article found that while he may have been correct about the commoditization of IT, that they disagreed with his conclusion that in a literal sense of the word, 'IT didn't matter'. Some thought it was a poor choice of title because it was misleading and that some would see the title without reading the article. No one disagreed with Carr outright, and that may be important. With the downturn in the economy, corporate budgets are being squeezed and subject to greater and closer scrutiny. Both cash and credit are tight, and consumers are buying less and thus businesses have less margin to work with. With less room in their budgets they are looking at all and sundry ways to reduce costs, or to give them a little bit more margin either to gain market share (as they are able to reduce prices) or to meet their growth mandates...or maybe in some cases, both.

    Carr argues that IT has become a commodity and that as such, it will follow the trendlines of commodities ...

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    This solution discusses the relevance of IT in today's capitally constrained world vis a vis Nick Carr (article referenced/attached in post).