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Import restrictions and domestic employment

Would import restrictions create more domestic employment? Explain your standpoint.

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For most items, no, I do not think this works well. Since the items imported have specific reasons or qualities that make them saleable in a country, it would be difficult to reproduce the item in the domestic market. Using the United States as an example, since this is the one I know best, I will outline some reasons.

First there are many products that are made in other places that are specific to that region. The first that comes to mind is champagne. While there are many types of "champagne" and we can buy them, the true champagne comes from the Champagne region of France. Does this make a difference? Not to me when I am buying it at the store. I actually prefer an Asti spumante, but for those who can afford it, real champagne would not be better if restricted, nor would it help our efforts. There are ...

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A discussion on the question of increasing import restrictions and a correlation to increased domestic employment. Consideration of the product, the cost of resources and other implications is included.