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    Health Care Reform

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    Describe how health care reform initiatives and mandates have impacted your organization. What changes in operations have been made in response to these initiatives? How well-organized were these changes? How have they offered measurable improvements in both clinical practice and performance? Explain how these improvements were a result of the reform initiative.
    Support your response by identifying and explaining key points and/or examples presented in the Learning Resources.

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    There are several health care reform initiatives and mandates that have impacted my organization. The hospital I work for has several specialties and also has a primary health center. The healthcare initiatives related to quality of care, preventive strategies, eliminating unnecessary tests, and addressing chronic cases have changed the manner in which my organization functions. In the area of preventive care, cancer screening has increased substantially. Further, a large number of patients who are obese present themselves for nutritional and other lifestyle modifications so that diseases are prevented. There are also some patients that are treated for smoking and counseled to give up smoking. One set of initiatives is related to the tests. To eliminate unnecessary tests, physicians prescribe fewer tests. In addition, in my hospital there is a system by which the test prescribed by the physician is countersigned by a supervisor. This helps reduce the number of tests prescribed. After the initiatives and mandates, I have noticed that the number of chronic patients has increased substantially. The treatment of these patients is ...

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