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Groupthink and Business

What are the positives of "groupthink" in business? What are the symptoms of groupthink and ways to avoid it from occurring?

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1. What are the positives of "Group Think" in business?

It seems that, by definition, "Group think" is NOT beneficial to a business, and should be avoided. Groupthink is a term coined by psychologist Irving Janis in 1972 to describe a process by which a group can make bad or irrational decisions. In a
groupthink situation, each member of the group attempts to conform his or her opinions to what they believe to be the consensus of the group. In a general sense this seems to be a very rationalistic way to approach the situation. However this results in a situation in which the group ultimately agrees upon an action which each member might individually consider to be unwise (the risky shift) ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Groupthink).

Finally, the seven symptoms of decision affected by groupthink are:

1. Incomplete survey of alternatives
2. Incomplete survey of objectives
3. Failure to examine risks of preferred choice
4. Failure to re-appraise initially rejected alternatives
5. Poor information search
6. Selective bias in processing information at hand (see also confirmation bias)
7. Failure to work out contingency plans (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Groupthink).

Let's look at the most common reported symptoms of 'Group Think' to see ...

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This solution explains groupthink in terms of symptoms and of ways to avoid it from occurring in business. Any potential positive effects of groupthink in business are also explored.