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Explain the Steps in Financial Forecasting

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1.a. Explain the steps in financial forecasting.

b Briefly explain how to forecast financial statements using the forecasted financial statements approach. Be sure to explain how to forecast interest expenses.
Question 12-3
Explain how it is possible for sales growth to decrease the value of a profitable company.

Question 12-4
What are some actions an entrenched management might take that would harm shareholders?

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301 words explain financial forecasting and how sale growth can decrease company value in some cases.

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Explain the steps in financial forecasting.

1.a. Explain the steps in financial forecasting.
According to the wikipedia "Forecasting is the process of estimation in unknown situations." Thus Forecasting means estimating the future values. It is an essential tool in decision making process. The financial forecasts detail the financial at at beginning of year
Average of beginning and ending debt
In this the most appropriate ...

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