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Execel Workbook

Each individual should create an create an Excel workbook that includes 2 different tables: an employee table and a customer table. Each table must appear on a different tab in the Excel workbook.
- Field titles for the employee table should be as follows:
- Employee ID number
- First name
- Last name
- Address
- Date of hire
- Date of birth
- Social security number
- Hourly wage
- Field titles for the customer table should be the following:
- Customer ID number
- First name
- Last name
- Address
- Phone number
- Number of items sold to store
- For the employee table, enter 8 hypothetical employees into the table
- For the customer table, enter 10 hypothetical customers into the table
- Appropriately title each table by naming the tab in the Excel workbook on which it appears

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First Tab - name it Employees
Second Tab - name it Customers

First Tab do the following:

Write "Employees" as a header in first row.

2nd row, 1st column - Employee ID number
2nd row, 2nd column - First name
2nd row, 3rd column - Last name
2nd row, 4th ...

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