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DSL Network

Consider that you have just been hired to build a DSL line delivery system for a small rural town. The town has decided to build a fiber optic network, connect each house to the network and then deliver all audio, video, voice and networking services to every citizen. It will also use the system to read all meters remotely. The funding is in place. You have a personnel budget to begin the project. You must present the description of your first two hiring choices to the town council. Describe the skill sets of the first two people that you hire to help you launch this project. Provide a full justification for the selection of each of these skill sets.

-For question above, describe the team management and organization strategy that you will use to build this new telecommunication system. What will the chain of command be? Why?

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The first person that I will hire is the DSL line software Engineer. The second person that I will hire is the DSL line Manager.

The skill sets of the DSL line software engineer are:
He must have experience with application servers like Websphere, Weblogic or JBoss. In addition, he must have worked with JMS and JNI. He must have experience with XML technologies, Hibernate relational persistence service, experience using Dependency injection frameworks and experience with EMS development.
The justification for requiring these skill sets is that the software engineers should be able to provide assistance to town users as they use the facilities in their homes and offices. The engineer must be able to work independently, solve customer ...

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