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    Discussing Bounded Awareness

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    Task: Discuss your feelings about bounded awareness and its various components. How has bounded awareness prevented you from making a good decision in your business?

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    Bounded awareness, described by Max Bazerman and Dolly Chugh, refers to the well-documented observation that people routinely overlook important information during the decision-making process. Awareness is considered to be 'bounded' when individuals fail to see, use, seek, or share relevant, easily accessible, and readily perceivable information during the decision-making process. A major cause of having bounded awareness is to become overly focused as focus limits awareness. Important information that is not within the range of focus can be missed. Many times we ...

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    This discussion details feelings on bounded awareness and its various components. Additionally, it also includes an explanation of how bounded awareness has prevented in making good decisions in the business. This response is about 350 words.