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An Analysis of Value-Added Services

What is meant by value-added services? Why are these services considered essential in a customer success program? Please find an example of both types of marketing.

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When customers purchase a product or a service, their interest is primarily on the core offering itself. However, some companies and establishments have provided Value Added Services as a way to make their products and services more enhancing and more marketable. These Value Added Services (VAS) are supplemental offering but are usually ancillary to the core product or service. In most cases, the VAS are for free but in some cases, they are provided at a very modest additional charge. Companies decide on the price of VAS according to how it can improve their customers' rapport and also on its ability to increase income.

The most important thing to consider is the customer or the client and gaining new customers is as important as keeping the existing ones. There is a need for each company to stand out from the rest and to improve its competitiveness. ...

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Definition and analysis of value-added services and how they can improve customer relations which are essential in a customer success program; various examples of value-added services are also included; 537 words; 4 references