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    Why do people work?

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    Why do you work? Why do you work so hard? What is motivation? How do leaders and management affect motivation? What role does the individual employee play in organizational motivation? Which of the motivational theories relate to why you work so hard?

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    Hi there,

    Here are my thoughts regarding your questions:

    1. Why do you work?

    a. I work so that I can earn money. This money provides me with the means to purchase the necessities of life (food, clothing, shelter).
    b. In addition to earning money and providing those necessities, some people work because it gives them structure and meaning to their life. This is an intrinsic factor, something which drives them on an emotional level.

    2. Why do you work so hard?
    a. This is a very subjective thing. How does one define 'working hard'? Does this refer to working 90 hours/week? What one person considers to be hard, another person would consider to be easy depending on their cultural background. Also, some people may work hard at an intense physical level for only 35 hours per week. Others might work 60 hours per week but would do so at an easy non intense pace. In general, people would say that they work hard in order to get ahead in life. This means that they work hard so that they can enjoy things like career advancement and peer recognition.

    3. What is motivation?
    a. I think motivation refers to a system of ...