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Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act

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Research a recent article that discusses an issue involving the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act and write a summary of the article. The article should be at least two to three pages in length. You can conduct the search on the Internet or in the Online Library. Read the article, and think about how the topic relates to the concepts discussed in Chapter 9. You should incorporate terminology and concepts included in the chapter.

Your response should be at least 200 words in length.

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The article is:
Uniform Law Commission (2013), Why States Should Adopt UCITA, Retrieved on September, 7, 2013, From: http://www.uniformlaws.org/Narrative.aspx?title=Why%20States%20Should%20Adopt%20UCITA

According to the article, the UCITA has been created to satisfy the need for a uniform law treatment of software and computer information systems contracts. This act should be adopted by the states because it directly ...

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