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    Limiting the Bonuses of CEOs

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    In 200 words plase address this question - Should there be legislation passed that would limit the amount of a CEO's bonus? Would that be an unfair intrusion into private business? If, heaven help us, there ends being such legislation, how would such a law be written, e.g. tie a cap on bonuses to a scale of some type?

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    What an incredible question! There would be no way such a law could be written and passed within a democratic and capitalistic country for the very reason they are democratic and capitalistic. By virtue of belief in markets to gain or lose, a CEO's performance is based upon their ability to navigate the market successfully and the reward for doing so is the bonus. Another problem would be the difficulty in drawing parameters for such limits. The first choices would be the type of businesses that exist, manufacturing, sales (retail and wholesale), delivery and transportation, agencies, services, educational, scientific, academic, ...

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    A discussion of the reasons for not legislating the bonuses of CEOs. Included are reason why it would not work, reasons why it is unfair, and how the current government type would prevent such laws. Privatization is discussed briefly.