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    Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

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    Should the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act apply to multinational companies requiring them to comply with the act when oversees? Why of why not? Look into the action taken in 2005 regarding anti- corruption.

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    The moral challenge for businesses here in the United States it difficult enough when balancing one's profit interests against the needs of employees, consumers, governments and special interest groups. The moral challenge is even more intense for multinational companies who need to live up to moral expectations both in the US and in host foreign countries. In developed countries, the moral expectations of the host country are as stringent as our own. With third world host countries, though, the moral expectations often more lax, and multinationals are tempted to lower their standards when situations permit.

    Bribery is in fact outlawed in every country around the world and, although bribery is more common in some foreign countries than in the United States, law enforcement officials in those countries do take bribery violations seriously ...