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    Contractual obligation

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    Recently, in certain jurisdictions, courts are imposing a contractual obligation for the care of an elderly relative like a parent, infirmed aunt/uncle or other relative. For instance, if a person provides financial support such as sending $500 a month to such relative and/or is responsible for taking the relative to doctor's appointments, grocery store trips, and other transportation needs, some courts are now saying that there is an implied contract between the person providing the care and the infirmed relative. Is this fair? are there avenues to "get out" of such a contract?

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    Legally, this is equitable. This is due to the fact that for an implied contract to have any weight, someone has to rely on the actions of another. Once this reliance occurs, an implied contract is formed and harms come from the other party rescinding from the implied ...

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    Care of the elderly is examined for contractual obligations.