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    In violation of a local ordinance, Tavern serves alcohol to Sam, obviously intoxicated. Sam picks a fight with Victim, beating him severely. The fight is broken up. As Sam leaves the bar, Victim's friend, Payback, beats Sam in turn. Sam's staggers to his vehicle, drives off and runs over Pedestrian. He continues along until he runs into a utility pole, ending his evening with a lengthy hospitalization.
    Now, consider all your arguments in the above situation. Be the Jury and speak the truth, vere dictum. Render your verdict, concerning the respective rights and liabilities of the parties, including awarding monetary damages, if any.
    Be sure to explain your reasoning.

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    This is what the jury would say in the this case. Sam is guilty as charged. He committed a crime by driving under the influence, committing assault and attempted murder. This person was intoxicated and was capable of not thinking clearly and chose to hurt others in the process; however, he is capale of remembering everything ...

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