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Apparent Authority

Assistance is needed in choosing an example of a type of agency (express, implied, apparent, or by ratification). Use an example from your professional experience that demonstrates one type of agency. Define that agency and discuss how the principal and the agent fulfilled the duties they owed to one another. If you donĂ¢??t think you have ever been in an agency relationship then feel free to make up an example of a type of agency. Just make sure you hit all the elements and discuss the duties of the principal and the agent. (Remember, just because someone has "agent" in their title doesn't mean they are your agent.)

On a side note, express agency is by far the easiest type to define because every employer/employee relationship is an express agency. If you're up to the challenge, please select a different type of agency and discuss that. If you choose express, there is no penalty, but the discussion will be more interesting if we all choose different types.

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The agency that I have chosen is apparent authority. Apparent authority is an agency where the conducts or conversations with third parties would lead third parties to believe that the agent is ...

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