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    The Environmental Effects of the Global Trading System

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    In considering efforts within the global trading system to reduce trade's negative effects on the environment, what counter arguments can you suggest for the following?

    1) Although there may be pollution effects, they're a small price to pay for a higher standard of living.

    2) "Tree-huggers" are always exaggerating the effects on the environment. Who cares if some little toad in the Amazon goes extinct?

    As for the second part of my question,

    1) How is the global trading system affecting the environment negatively? What are some examples?

    2) What additional efforts might help reduce the effects?

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    1) A counter argument to this statement would be that pollution affects are a tremendously high price to pay for a higher standard of living. This is due to the fact that very important aspects that support a higher standard of living such as clean drinking water and unpolluted soil for which to grow crops, will continuously be reduced and nullify the benefits of the supposed it higher standard of living that is achieved.

    2) A counter to this argument is that the effects on the ...

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