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    Small Indiscretions of Blatant Wrongdoing

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    The August, 2011 Reader's Digest posed the question: "When faced with evident of blatant wrongdoing, some people take a deep breath, put their hands on the Bible, and ...deny, deny, deny! Would you fall for these whoppers?"

    Do you feel these individuals lack integrity even when their wrongdoing in considered "small indiscretions"?

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    One of the main problems with small indiscretions is that they build up over time into larger indiscretions. If we analyze all of the small indiscretions from one or two people combined, we can oftentimes see where those small acts are more endangering to a corporation as opposed to a person committing one large act. While all unethical and illegal acts are ...

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    In this solution, I discuss the ethics of denying wrongdoing and if these individuals lack integrity. The fact of wrongdoing being considered small indiscretions is also discussed.