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Ethical Dilemma

Describe a situation that you have been involved in that tested your ethical behavior. What were your alternatives?

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About four years ago, I worked for a small retailer that was bought out by a larger competitor. The larger competitor (my current employer) quickly promoted me to store manager over the location where I worked. There were four other stores within the organization each managed by a separate manager. Because the firm is small, each manager reported to a district manager who reported directly to the CEO.

The new owners were great. Unlike my previous employer who was content to pay an hourly wage and receive sloppy work in return, the new company owners wanted entrepreneur types who aren't afraid of work and will get 'into the trenches' with their employees. They expected me to come in early (6 am) and stay late (8 pm) and do whatever it took to make a profit. In return, I could get a huge bonus.

Essentially, the bonus plan was a two tiered system to where a lower profit goal was established at $15,000 (goal A) and a higher ...

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The solution details a personal experience with an ethical dilemma and explains the alternatives and ultimate decision.