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    Communication: Wasting time sugar coating?

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    Evaluate this comment: "It's hard to argue against courtesy, but businesspeople don't have time to spend extra effort on it. Anyway, they want their documents to go straight to the point without wasting words and without sugar coating." What position would you take regarding this comment. Defend your perspective.

    Lesikar, R. V., Flatley, M. E., & Rentz, K. (2008). Business communication: Making connections in a digital world (11th ed.). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill.

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    The presumption that it takes more time to be courteous is wrong. While it might take a while to LEARN to be courteous if your family of origin did not help you gather these skills or if you are in an unfamiliar environment (foreign travel for instance), using common courtesy actually SAVES time in the long run. For instance, if you take a bit more time to craft your message to stop parking in the left lot, you might get more compliance, reduces the number of times you have to ask again and reducing the need to tow away non-compliant ...

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    Your tutorial is 341 words plus a reference that indicates that etiquette actually saves time. Examples are given.