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Honeymoon Destinations Survey Analysis

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To complete this assignment, use to the "Honeymoon Destinations" reading from your studies for this unit, and the Honeymoon Destinations Codebook Excel file and the Honeymoon Destinations Codebook Errata document linked in the Resources. Note that there are three discrepancies between the data in the case codebook from the reading and the data in the Honeymoon Destinations Codebook Excel file. These exceptions are outlined in the Honeymoon Destinations Errata document. Conform to the Excel file from the Resources for the actual data for this assignment.

Suppose that Todd Bobzien and Clayton Rose have engaged you to analyze the data they gathered via their direct-mail survey. The responses of the 91 people who returned the survey are represented in the 54 variables in the Honeymoon Destinations Codebook Excel file. (Refer to the data codebook in the "Honeymoon Destinations" reading for an explanation of what each of the variables appearing in the spreadsheet represents.)

Bobzien and Rose have some ideas that they would like you to investigate:

1.They believe that people with higher incomes would be more likely both to be interested in a video about potential honeymoon destinations, and to be willing to pay more for such videos. They want you to determine what the data indicate about this.

2.They also believe that individuals with higher incomes (in the top half of annual income levels, nationwide) have different interests than those with lower incomes, and they would like to target those with higher incomes. Bobzien and Rose want you to determine what attributes of a video would interest that higher-income group; specifically:

-Which destinations interest them most?
-What characteristics of resorts interest them most?
-How many resorts do they want to see on a video?

3.In the beginning, they need to focus their marketing and distribution to as few channels as possible, and they want to know what the very best channels would be, based on what the data suggests.

4.Clayton believes that the individuals in their target group (those with higher incomes) would be willing to spend at least fifteen dollars on a video, and he wants you to test that hypothesis.

5.Todd is less interested in testing a hypothesis than he is in developing an estimate for what people would be willing to pay. He would like 95% confidence intervals for the average price people would be willing to pay: one for the higher-income group, one for the lower-income group.

6.They both want to know what family member typically does the research about possible honeymoon destinations, and who primarily makes the decision on selecting the destination.
Analyze the 91 survey responses to provide answers to Todd's and Clayton's questions. Write a management report that contains your findings and recommendations.

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The solution is an analysis of the survey on "Honeymoon Destinations" obtained by Todd Bobzien and Clayton Rose via their direct-mail survey. To appreciate this solution, it is recommended that users must have SPSS software installed in their computers. The file entitled "For analysis Honeymoon analysis spss file.sav" needs SPSS software. Therefore a knowledge of SPSS is also necessary.

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