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    Preparing a Production Budget Given Unit Sales Projections

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    Katherine Company's sales budget has the following unit sales projection for each quarter of the calendar year 2009.

    January -March





    Sales for the first quarter of 2010 are expected to be 600,000 units. Ending inventory of finished goods for each quarter is scheduled to equal 5 percent of the next quarter's budgeted sales. The company is expected to be in compliance with this policy as of December 31, 2008. Develop a quarterly production budget for 2009 and for the year in total.

    - Prepare the beginning inventory for the first quarter

    - Prepare the budgeted beginning inventory for the second - fourth quarters

    - Prepare the budgeted production for each quarter

    - Prepare the budgeted production for the year

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    Prepare the beginning inventory for the first quarter:
    The beginning inventory for the first quarter would be the ending inventory of 4th ...

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